VMware Converter – GPT Disks

Performing P2V migrations with VMware’s converter tool is pretty easy and seems to work most of the time. One issue I have come across when performing P2Vs are GUID Partition Table(GPT) disks. If you have a disk on a physical (or virtual if doing V2V) that is formatted as GPT it will not show up in the list of drives to convert. Currently the only work-around for this is to copy the data manually once the P2V is complete, or, backup the data on the physical drive, format the disk as MBR, and copy the data back. For more information check out this KB.

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    1. Bill,

      Good info. Sorry for the delay in our reply, but life/work has been pretty crazy. The solution looks helpful, but unfortunately this was on a closed system that prohibited the use of unapproved software. Sadly the work around involved adding an additional virtual disk after the P2V was complete, and then a manual copy of the data.

      Thanks again,

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