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  1. So, are the ESXi’s clustered? I was under the impression you had to have vSphere (and deep pockets) to perform any clustering with VM. If so, do you have any documents or links?

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      Sorry for the late response Jeff.

      Yes the hosts are clustered, but only for the duration of the 60-day trial period. During the trial, all of the bells and whistles are active which allows you to gain some great experience. Needless to say however, every couple of months I get to “practice” rebuilding the lab. If you want to get started, my first recommendation would be Scott Lowe’s – Mastering 4 Sphere 4. Chad Sakac of EMC helped write the storage chapter and is very thorough.

      Next, clustering implies some form of shared storage, i.e., SAN/NAS. For this I use Openfiler which is a free Linux distribution. Documenting my ESXi cluster and shared storage component is on the to do list, but may have to wait until I return from the sandbox again.

      Also, ESXi does have a free variant but lacks many of the fancy features present in their paid versions. You can find the information listed here.

      Hope that helps,

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