#vHunting at VMworld 2011

A week or two before VMworld 2011 started Tommy Trogden (@vTexan) posted something new on his blog about a competition/game he was going to do at VMworld 2011. So it goes like this: Tommy, and/or another vSpec would post some sort of task on twitter, such as “Go find the guy with the F1 hat on in the Hands on Lab area and take a picture with him”. That task would be hash tagged with vhunt (#vhunt) and people on Twitter could follow that tag and complete the task. Once the task was completed, in this case a picture with the guy in the F1 hat, you would post that picture to Twitter and tag it with #vhunt. This seemed to be a last minute thing and nothing too structured, and vSpecs would, at their own leisure post tasks. Well, people got involved pretty quick and the #vhunting was on! I didn’t talk to many of the vSpecs regarding how many times they actually got pulled away from what they were doing to get their picture taken with random attendee participating in #vhunt, but from what I heard it was a lot more then expected.

What made it more awesome was that EMC was actually giving away prizes to three people each day. Prizes ranged from iPad2s, Xbox 360s, iPod Nano watches, and even unknown surprises that are to be mailed to the final day winners (when I get mine I’ll be sure to post what it is). Of course with prizes involved, the competition was fierce, with people completing tasks minutes after they were posted.

For myself, regardless of the prizes the #vhunt contest was an awesome idea. It gave me a chance to meet a lot of different vSpecs and get to know them a little bit, and to find out what they are passionate about (technology, surprise!). I didn’t get to chat with all of them, mainly because I was pulling them away from what they were supposed to be doing in order to get their picture, for example a vSpec with a Back the F:\ up iPhone case, but I was able to spend a little bit a time with a few of them (Tommy Trogden, Matt Cowger, Nick Weaver to name a few), and they were all real down to earth guys with a HUGE passion for what they do — very inspiring to say the least.  As part of this contest I also met Jason Langer (@jaslanger), really cool guy who loves IT and works for a SMB in Washington State.  Jason is also a blogger, (check him out here), and a VCAP-DCA.

Martin and I finished it off by making some limited edition vHunter shirts using the EMC journey to the cloud shirt (only 3 of its kind exist) and we gave one to Tommy Trogden for putting on the competition and getting us involved. I know I speak for Martin and I when I say we had a blast doing it and definitely look forward to what you guys have in store for next year.

Here are some photos from the #vhunt contest.

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