VMware View Linked Clone Pool Automation – Kelly J. Olivier @kjolivier

I work with several environments that are the same.  Actually, they are the same but different, with them all being direct copies of each other, but different domains, names, etc.  In an effort to automate lately, I have begun to experiment with powershell, PowerCLI, ViewCLI, etc.  I wanted to write a script that created an identical linked clone pool in each environment, while keeping the parts that needed to be dynamic just that so that one script would work for all environments.  With a little background in bash scripting once upon a time, I started out trying to figure out the similarities and differences in powershell.  I might add that it’s a pretty powerful scripting language…even for someone with no background in programming such as myself.

 I started to figure out how to prompt the user for information, setting variables, and ultimately running the commands to build a linked clone pool only allowing the parameters I specified so that I could retain control of the type of pool, delete policy, etc.

The below is what I finished.  Take it easy on me…it’s a first attempt.  I regret that there is not much error checking.  The only requirements are that vSphereCLI is installed on your View server that you wish you run this on.

Here you can download the script file (rename to .ps1) vmwareview_linkedclone_pool_creator

Here is the full code:

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