VCP510 Exam Experience #893

A lot of other bloggers have posted their VCP5 exam experiences already so I thought that I would share mine.

I sat my VCP510 exam last week and was able to successfully negotiated a passing score.

Man was it tough!  No really, it is a difficult exam.

When I was out at VMworld 2011 I met a guy named Jason Langer during the #vHunt shenanigans (which were awesome btw).  Very soon after returning home from VMworld 2011 I noticed Jason started posting in-depth explanations and walk throughs for each section of the VCP5 Blueprint.  We got to talking and I offered to help him by splitting up the sections.  Jason agreed and four months later we finally completed it (VCP5 Blueprint – PDF).

The two biggest resources I used to help prepare me for the VCP5 is the VCP5 Blueprint and my home lab.  Your chances of passing this exam without a good deal of hands-on experience are extremely low.  There are some scenario based questions that you just won’t be able to answer unless you know your way around the product.  So unless you have it deployed in a production environment that you use/administer on a daily basis, get a home lab.  I know buying gear can be expensive, but with a laptop/desktop with a decent amount of RAM and VMware evaluation licenses you can build something functional that can get you through the blueprint.

Resources I used:


There are a lot more resources out there, but these are the ones that I used.

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  1. I want to thank you for the absolute fantastic work you did on compiling the VCP5 Blueprint.pdf. It is everything I needed and it is accurate. When I pass my exam a lot of the credit will go to this document.

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