How To: Enabling SSH on Iomega PX4-300d (Updated)


A few others have posted procedures for enabling advanced administrative capabilities for the Iomega PX4, so I am adding it here for reference. I can’t remember the original resource, but Davehill at has written up a straight-forward guide found (here).

Enable SSH on your Iomega PX4

  1. Point your web browser to the following address: (Where is the IP address of your PX4). Note: At some point, EMC changed the page location to: (This is the case with my current code lenovoEMC
  2. Click the “Allow remote access for support (SSH and SFTP), and then click apply.

SSH is now enabled. There is one catch: the password is slightly different. Use the following credentials to access your PX4

  • Username: root
  • Password: sohoadminpassword

Notice the password is your current admin password prefaced by ‘”soho”.

Hope this helps!


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  2. Do you have any idea how to restart networking? If I turn off my managed switch that the PX4-300d is using it says, Network Unavailable, however when I turn the switch back on the PX4-300d will not realize this and will not be reachable even if I hardcode the IP’s into the NICs via the Frontend or LB the NIC Ports. Nothing works to re-enable networking after the switch gets turned off then on. My little Dlink 323 with one nic port handles it just fine.

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      Let me see what I can work out. Out of curiosity, what is the brand/model of the managed switch? The PX4 should (and obviously does with your Dlink) automatically indicate that the link has been restored. Does this happen if you move the PX4 to a different set of physical interfaces? I assume you are load-balancing the interfaces on the PX4. What happens if you remove this configuration on the PX4/Physical switch? Worst case, we could probably conjure up a cron script to periodically test the interface status and down/up the interfaces as necessary. I would be curious to know if there were any potential issues identified in /var/log/messages log on the PX4.

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. would be nice if you can publish tutorial how to get that transformer logo in front panel. any chance ?

  4. I have this enabled but have never been able to login with SSH using the password format above. Did anything change with the latest code versions?

  5. Hello from Austria!
    I’ve trying this but it doesn’t work for me 🙁
    We are using the new firmware version, now released under lenovoEMC.

    Is there any way to enable ssh with this firmware?
    Greetings from austria

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      Hey Bernhard,

      Funny you ask. I just started reworking my PX4 virtualization project and realized the location changed after upgrading to the latest code (Version I found the page had been moved here:


      Also, the username is root, and you still need to append ‘soho’ to the front of your password.
      Hope that helps.

  6. Hello Ubergiek!

    Thank you so much for your fast answer; and best of it: it’s working perfect!
    It helps me indeed very much – great service 😉

    Best wishes from austria & thanks again

  7. I have done all the above (PX6), but when I use Putty to SSH into the box on Port 22, and use: root and soho with my admin password it says Access Denied. Is there root password different for PX6? Im running v4.0.4.14600


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      Hey Marc,

      Sorry for the delay. I solved this before but my couldn’t remember how. Anyway, now that I found time in the lab I think I have the answer. I am using a PX4 version but your procedure may be similar. Things seem to have changed slightly.

      Log into http://ip-address/manage/diagnostics.html and change the root password to what you want it to be.
      Then SSH into ip-address, and login using username: root password: sohoYOURPASSWORD (Where YOURPASSWORD is what you previously set it to.)

      This worked for me.

      Martin @Ubergiek

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  9. Anyone tried deleting Volumes via ssh/command line and can share their steps? Thanks in advance! 😀

  10. Hi,
    I have a big problem, I have px6-300d and I enter in ssh mode.
    I cannot enter in web mode. I lost my admin user name.
    How I can find my admin user name ?

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  12. Do u know if we can do firmware update over SSH. I am trying to upgrade over the GUI i am getting error” unable to upgrade firmware”

    Many people talking about issue with securemind and should be uninstall but i dont have any application.

    I reset by pushing the button and i reboot and still same issue.

    I will like to upgrade over SSH if i can

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