No Active Directory Objects Displayed When Adding vCenter Permissions

The other day I was setting up a VMware View environment in my homelab and got to the part where I needed to add an account to vCenter for View Composer.  When I went to the Permissions tab within vCenter I tried to add a new permission, but when I select my domain I was unable to see any objects.


no AD objects

I tried manually specifying the user account I wanted to add using the “domain\username” format and got an error stating vCenter could not find the user object specified.

After a little bit of googling I found a post on VMware communities where another individual was having the same problem.  One of the items to look at was the account running the vCenter service.  When I looked at my vCenter server I saw that vCenter was running under the account I used to install VMware vCenter, which was the local administrator.


The reason I wasn’t seeing any objects when selecting my active directory domain within vCenter was because the account running the vCenter service did not have read permissions into active directory (I was using a local user account).  Once I changed the vCenter service to run with an account that had permissions to active directory (in this case I used Local System Account) I was able to see objects from my domain


Now I was able to see my View service account and give it the proper permissions needed to continue my VMware View installation.  Jason Langer (@jaslanger) will give anyone $5 if you can guess which account is my VMware View service account.

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