[open issue] VMware View 4.5 – Wrong Desktop Assignment

Below is an issue that one of my colleagues (Kelly Olivier, @kjolivier) is having using View 4.5. If anyone reading this has seen a similar issue, please leave a comment or contact Kelly on twitter.

I am seeing a very strange issue with VMware View 4.5. I know this is an older version, and we are testing newer releases, but this is still the production version for us. There appears to be a large bug in the authentication of View. We first noticed this a couple weeks ago as we have an application that runs as the logged on user. Users were complaining to us that they were not getting their normal look of the app with their saved settings. I told the users to stay logged in when this happened again. A couple days later I got my wish. It appears that the users are logging into View successfully, but being given a desktop as another authenticated user. Time has shown that the users need not even be logged in somewhere else or in fact even be present.

View administrator looks like this even though the pool is set to disallow multiple logins:


The View Connection server logs show the same story. In this case, the user “user-2” wasn’t even at the office yet.

Has anyone seen this issue before? I do have an open ticket to VMware Support.

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