VMworld 2012 – The People

I recently wrote and posted my thoughts on the VMworld 2012 conference and I want to say something about the people on that post, but it would have made it excruciatingly longer then it already is, so I decided to write a separate post on it.

I did a lot of networking this year and met a ton of good people. The community that has organically grown around VMware and its virtualization technology is astounding. I challenge anyone to find a better community of technologists. VMware is the epicenter that this great community has gathered around and it continues to invest resources into making it better; amazing.

John Troyer and Alex Maier did a great job of bringing the vExperts together. They are the faces of VMware social media and just did a fabulous job bringing us the vBrownbag Tech talks, the “unsupported” sessions and hosting the communities round table live

As it would be ridiculous to name EVERYONE I met, here is a quick shout out to some of the people from VMworld 2012 that truly made the social aspect of the conference awesome:

Conrad Ramos (@vNoob) – great meeting you IRL Conrad, it was a pleasure.

Jason Langer (@jaslanger) – good to see Jason again, he is my partner in crime with VMware certification blueprint deepdives.

Tim Jabaut (@vmcutlip) – Tim founded the vDBs, enough said.

Bilal Hashmi (@hashmibilal) – great to finally meet you IRL Bilal, wish we had more time to talk.

Matt Cowger, Tommy Trogden and Jase McCarty (@mcowger, @vTexan and @jasemccarty) – Always good to see these guys had some great conversations with Jase and Matt. The vSpecialists are always willing to have a conversation with you

Josh Atwell (@josh_atwell) – between presenting, vBrownbag tech talks and a Cisco roving reporter, Josh worked his butt off. Good seeing and talking to you as always Josh.

Frank Denneman (@frankdenneman) Frank was the expert at the table I sat at during the TAM day lunch and I also attended his group discussion. Smart guy and down to earth, good to meet you Frank.

Kelly Olivier (@kjolivier) – i’ve known Kelly for about four years now and he definitely helped me out by hooking me up with a place to stay this year. Kelly is good people and a smart guy.

Forbes Guthrie (@forbesguthrie) – just met Forbes this year and I attended one of his sessions. Great guy, super smart, and I look forward to good conversations with him in the future.

Henri Hamalainen (@henriwithani) – just met Henri this year, he is the Unofficial VMworld photographer! Good to meet you IRL Henri.

Ashish Palekar (@logicalblock) – I actually ran into Ashish on the BART when I got to SFO on Saturday. Ashish leads the VPLEX product management team at EMC and is wicked smart. Thanks for the in-depth conversations Ashish, I look forward to what the future holds for VPLEX.

The Varrow Crew — Joe Kelly, Brian Boyd, Jason Nash and Tony Pittman (@virtualtacit, @SANGeek, @TheJasonNash, @PittmanTony) – I attented Jason and Brian’s sessions, both of which were solid and had some good conversations with the whole crew. Ask Jason about his DVR home setup! Hope to see @Ubergiek with them next year.

Rawlinson Rivera (@punchingclouds) – Rawlinson was my VI3 class instructor in 2007 and while i’ve talked to him a bit via email and twitter, I haven’t seen him up until now. Good to see you again Rawlinson, next time lets grab a drink

Christopher Wells (@wygtya) – met Chris the last couple days of the conference. Real nice guy and located in RTP, doing some good stuff for NetApp. Good meeting you Chris.

Peter Chang (@pupo888) – Peter is the Seattle VMUG leader. Good meeting you Peter, hope to talk more with you throughout the year.

Jon Bon Jovi (@bonjovi)– <insert explicative that beings with F> him for not singing “Living on a Prayer”

Alastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ) – the king of Autolab! I met Allister Saturday night, he told me I look EXACTLY like his window washer back in New Zealand. I guess I always have something to fall back on if this IT thing doesn’t work out, good meeting you Allister!

Nick Marshall (@nickmarshall9) – Nick made the vBrownbag tech talks happen. Job well done Nick, look forward to more APAC vbrownbags

Shane Williford (@coolsport00) – Good meeting you IRL Shane

Damian and Melissa Karlson (@sixfootdad and @melissakarlson) – these two were a riot! Great to finally meet both of you IRL. If you don’t know these two, get to know them immediately.

Gabriel Chapman (@bacon_is_king) – Gabe is a fun guy to hangout with, especially when he starts talking about the Aztecs. Good to meet you IRL Gabe.

Mike Preston (@mwpreston) – despite being from Canada Mike is a pretty standup guy! It was good meeting you IRL Mike.

Michael Webster (@vcdxnz001) – good meeting Michael IRL, very approachable guy and always willing to have a conversation on any topic. Look forward to more conversations Michael.

I’ll stop here since this is already a lengthy list. I’m sorry to the people I may have missed on here, but you know who you are. There are also some people that I intended on seeking out but I wasn’t able to connect with; hopefully that will change next year.

Thanks everyone for making my VMworld 2012 experience truly enjoyable.

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