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imageThis is an atypical post for me as normally my posts are purely technical. There are days where I start working in my lab and I’ll ask myself the question “why are you doing this?”…I’ll ask “why are you spending all this time in your lab constantly trying to learn new products"?”. Before I get too deep into this let me say this first; I love technology. I love the feeling I get when I ‘m able to solve a problem by using technology, whether it be a technical problem or a business problem. Although I must say, most of the times it is a technical problem, which leads me to the next part of this charade…

I clearly don’t have a solid understanding of solving real world business problems by utilizing technology. Sure, I understand the business benefits of virtualization, converged platforms, and blah blah blah, but a lot of that understanding is as a tactical minded person. I am so used to somebody asking me to fix a problem, or generate a technical solution based on new or existing requirements, but it’s ALL tactical. Where’s the strategy?

<tangent>Now, I do work, and have always worked for a company that holds a federal contract with the U.S. government, particularly within the DoD. While at these jobs, the business case and business problems have almost never been about dollars, and at times, efficiency, Some of you may question that, and at times I have too, but when I really think about these particular business cases, it makes sense. They aren’t in the business of making money, they are in the business of national security and fighting wars, and a major part of that involves technology. </tangent>

Without moving into the real business side of technology (meaning not the DoD), how can I change my mindset and incorporate strategic thinking with my tactical mind? Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely strategic planning that goes on in the particular sector I work in, but it isn’t at my level, or would I want it to be. The DoD ( and the federal government I imagine) has SO many IT systems and half of them never get deployed, or they are don’t work with each other, or a million other things I don’t care to get into. The point is, it’s a HUGE mess. I would LOVE to develop a framework that most/all fed agencies could use to build their information systems on which is scalable, integrated, interconnected, on-demand, and user friendly. It doesn’t seem attainable though. Even if I had that sort of mindset, I’m still not sure I would know where to start.

Sorry, I know, tangents everywhere. I think it’s time I start to try and understand the business side of technology, and how to solve real problems that can help businesses leverage technology to the fullest. My biggest problem is, I don’t know where to start. Is it learning a programming language like Ruby so that I can try and create something? Do I go for my MBA in hopes that it translates to how companies leverage IT today and in the future (I don’t think it will)? Do I go for my VCDX-DV certification with the hopes that the architecting the infrastructure layer will still be a much needed skill in 3-5 years, or do I change my path to VCDX cloud certification? Do I abandoned my quest for deep seeded knowledge in VMware’s core products and pursue open stack? Now I’m just rambling…I’ve went from tactical, to wanting to think strategically, to specific technologies and on and on and on.

This is what dominates my brain some nights…and I’m getting frustrated with it. While I know how to solve this problem for myself tactically, I have no clue how to solve it strategically….and now we’ve come full circle. Please go back to your sane lives,

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