VMworld 2013 Sessions – The Short List

There are a TON of sessions that have been submitted for vmworld this year and voting has begun. I hear a lot of people on Twitter talking about how there are just too many sessions to go through. So, in order to save everyone some time I have gone through all the sessions (at the very least the title and speakers) and have come up with a list of 12 that i would really like to see get through.

Session 5038 – Achieving High Availability with vSphere Storage Metro Clusters and EMC VPLEX

  • The speakers are Joe Kelly and Martin Valencia from Varrow. Both great guys and should definitely have some serious knowledge to drop

Session 4757 – Root cause any storage issue in a vSphere environment

  • The speaker is Nathan Small from VMware. The session looks good based on the title and abstract

Session 5279 – The 4-hour VCDX

  • The speakers are Ben Lin and Rawlinson Rivera. Both guys are VCDXs, SUPER smart and Rawlinson might be giving away copies of his Exchange 2007 book 😉

Session 4878 – vCloud Director: Designing for Real World Use Cases

  • The speaker is Kendrick Coleman from VCE. Kendrick has posted many good vCloud Director articles on his blog, so I expect this session to be of the same high caliber

Session 4887 – The PowerCLI – vSphere API Rosetta Stone

  • The speakers are Josh Atwell from VCE and Conrad Ramos from GDC Integration. I’ve known these guys both for over a year; top notch, which should translate to a top notch session

Session 5193 – Everything you need to know about DRS Resource Pools

  • The speakers are Aashish Parikh from VMware and Frank Denneman from VMware PernixData. I’m sure this session doesn’t need my endorsement to get through, but you know it’s going to be good

Session 4518 – A Technical Deep Dive on NFS Network Design

  • The speaker is Chris Wahl from Ahead. Chris is a certification maniac and posts a lot of good content on his blog; should be a good session

Session 5268 – Technical Deep Dive: esxtop tips and tricks to keep you on top of your vSphere environment

  • The speakers are Wen Yu from Nimble Storage and Mostafa Khalil from VMware. ESXTOP is a great tool and Mostafa Khalil is wicked smart; should make for a great session

Session 5150 – Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance Management

  • The speakers are Kit Colbert and Rajesh Venkatasubramanian from VMware. Topic and abstract sound good and I’ve seen Mr. Colbert present before (which was awesome).

Session 5420 – Software-Defined Storage: The Art of the Possible

  • The speaker is Chad Sakacc from EMC. I don’t need to say anything else.

Session 5640 – The story behind designing and building a distributed automation framework for vCloud Hybrid Services

  • The speaker is Nicholas Weaver. This session is probably going to be over my head, but if you know who Nick Weaver is, you’ll vote for it, and show up

Session 5508 – VMware Jeopardy for Support

  • The speakers are Matt Mancini, Trey Gwaltney and Pat Thiel from VMware. This session looks fun.

There are also some panels listed that will surely get voted in with your typical list of virtualization/storage rock stars, so make sure you find and vote for those as well. Voting ends close of business on May 6th, happy voting everyone!

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