Want FREE VMware VCP5 and VCAP5 Study Guides? Veeam and Pure Storage got you Covered


vmw2013-banner-hero-sf-v6VMworld 2013 is fast approaching and there will be many things up for grabs. Free Swag, giveaways, contests, etc… are a part of the solutions exchange and something we’ve all come to love (most of us), and to a certain degree, expect. I’m here to tell you that Jason Langer and I will be adding to the Swag portion of this great event. Over the last two years Jason Langer (blog / twitter) and I have put together a couple of VMware study guides based on the blueprints of the VCP5-DCV and VCAP5-DCA.


3_Guides2We’ve gotten great feedback along the way. Some people do not like to study by reading a PDF on a computer or tablet. Some prefer to have a book, something they can touch, feel, and most importantly, highlight! I’m happy to announce that thanks to the generosity of Veeam and Pure Storage we’ve been able to produce soft cover books; 200 copies of our VCP5-DCV study guide and 200 copies of our VCAP5-DCA study guide. The best part is, they are absolutely FREE to anyone who wants one. Copies will be floating all around the event. Stop by the Veeam or Pure Storage booth to get your free copy. You can also find Jason or myself at the event and we may have a few with us. We’ll post out on Twitter when and where we are available and have copies to give away. Our good friends over at Professional VMware, better known as the vBrownbag crew, will also have copies to give away. Again, we only have a limited amount, so get them while you can. If you are able to get a copy, please stop by the Veeam and Pure Storage booths and thank them.

If you aren’t able to make it to VMworld 2013 U.S. please drop me a line and I’ll see about getting a copy mailed out to you. I can’t promise you’ll get one, but if we have any left over it will be first come, first serve. For those of you who are going to VMworld 2013 U.S., enjoy the show!

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  1. Hi Josh,

    First, it is great that you are able to give some of these away. Any free training is always appreciated! I was wondering if you do have any of the VCAP5-DCA study guides left over if I could claim one?



  2. I can’t make the trip but would love a copy of the VCAP if possible.
    Thank you for letting us know and for offering to help if you can.

  3. I can’t make it to VMworld 2013. But, I would like to get a VCAP guide if you have any left.

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