RecoverPoint/SE 4.0 SP1 – Deployment Manager Bug

Hey folks!

Just a quick note on a bug I noticed with the RecoverPoint 4.0 Deployment Manager. Admittedly this had me scratching my head for a few minutes while I wondered why the “Next” button wasn’t available.

At the “Installation and Change Management procedures” page in the DM, you have to select the various checkboxes to confirm you have reviewed all of the RecoverPoint compatibility items. Once the checkboxes have been checked, you should be able to proceed. As you can see, the “Next” button is grayed out.


This bug seems to appear when you select “Install RecoverPoint/SE”.


Instead, select “Other operations (EMC personnel)”, then select “RecoverPoint/SE Installer Wizard”. Now once you reach the “Installation Change Management procedures” page, the missing checkbox is visible, and the “Next” button is available.


Hope that helps!

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