VMware vCenter vApp – Invalid Hostname. FQDN is required for joining a domain.

Hey folks,

I recently upgraded my lab to vSphere 5.5 and decided to try out the vCenter virtual appliance (VCVA). During the install I entered the hostname without a domain since I wasn’t sure what domain it was going to reside on.

Later when I tried to configure authentication I ran into this error.


It wasn’t apparent at the time but the error was referring to the hostname of the VCVA and not the domain. I assumed it was looking for the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the domain controller.

After logging in to the VCVA management interface ‘https://vcenterserverip:5480’ and navigating to ‘Network->Address’, the hostname is present without the domain.


After changing the hostname to the FQDN, and retrying, it worked!



@vNook had a similar issue with AD integration. See his post here for details:


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  3. Thanks. I’ve been puzzeling over this for nearly 30 minutes. Can’t believe this was the problem

  4. Hey Guys

    just wanna say a big thanks from France for helping me resolve this issue

    thanks a lot

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