PernixPro – A Flash Hypervisor Community

Today (October 14th), PernixData announced a new program that enables industry experts and enthusiasts to help shape one of the most (if not THE most) exciting products of 2013; PernixData FVP.


PernixPro is a program that will allow its members to interact with PernixData experts, the research and development team and other PernixPro members. PernixPro also gives its members access to the latest PernixData FVP software (via NFR licenses), including tools that will enable collaboration with the aforementioned people and groups. As a PernixPro you will also be afforded “sneak peaks” and access to exclusive promotions. If you’re interested in becoming a PernixPro, follow the link below and fill out the application.


PernixData FVP

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