Varrow Bound


Starting July 28th, 2014 I will be moving to Varrow as a principal cloud architect. I am currently working with my boss (the illustrious Chris Horn) on what that is, so please, don’t ask.

Seriously though, I will be covering things associated with the following words:

  • Secure
  • Cyber
  • Metadata
  • Scalable
  • Five 9s
  • Resilient
  • Agnostic
  • Cloud

Since I was 17 years old I’ve been working within a U.S. DoD environment. Now, at 32, I’m very excited to be moving to the private sector, and not as a customer. Varrow provides me with the chance to grow more than ever. Given their customers, services they provide and technologies they work with, Varrow offers a chance to stay on the forefront of enterprise technology. The two biggest reasons for Varrow; people and challenge. Being able to surround myself with very smart people (Jason Nash, Joe Kelly, Chris Horn, Thomas Brown…list goes on) was one of the biggest motivations for going to Varrow. I never would have considered going to a VAR, but these people make it an easy decision. The challenge will be the biggest I’ve faced professionally, and I have a very real chance of failing. The thought of failure is unsettling, but the challenge to overcome is motivating and I’ll find out if I have what it to takes to succeed.

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  1. Congrats!!! It was only a matter of time until you moved onto bigger and better things!!

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  2. Hey Josh,

    I made the change from customer to VAR last year. It’s a completely different world – fun, exciting, frustrating and disappointing all at the same time. One piece of advice that I ignored over and over again and wish I hadn’t – don’t put excess pressure on yourself! Just learn, follow the successful guys, and the work will come.

    Enjoy, and wish you all the best!

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