Visualizing vscsiStats via CloudPhysics

I was able to get a sneak peak at an unreleased feature from CloudPhysics last week and found out they are also showing it at their booth. The feature is called IO Workload Shapes and essentially it is the vscsiStats tool in a visual form. It is stunning (literally).

I grabbed a few photos from my phone to show a glimpse. Eventually I’ll do a longer post once the feature is fully released because this is something I’ve personally been looking to see happen for quite some time. CloudPhysics is at booth 640 on the show floor. If you’re around and have a few minutes I would encourage you to check out the demo because the photos don’t do it justice.

New CloudPhysics Card:

Photo 3









List of VMs:

Photo 1









More List view:

Photo 2









VM view:

Photo 4

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