CloudPhysics – Getting Spooky With It

Halloween is upon us! As this scary(?) holiday filled with elaborate costumes, haunted houses and free candy approaches, our friends over at CloudPhysics are running a fun Halloween themed campaign open to everyone.

Curious if you’re running software vulnerable to Heartbleed or Shellshock? Are you running software that’s [nearing] end of support (Windows Server 2003 anyone)? Do you have unrealized, free storage space? If you don’t mind filling out short forms and have 15 minutes, the ghouls over at Cloud Physics will generate a full report of what’s happening in your virtualizaed datacenter, absolutely free. If you have other tools in your environment to tell you this stuff or know for a fact that none of these exist, you still may benefit. The report will also give you information about your virtualized datacenter that I haven’t mentioned or that you might not know about. You may get something similar to the infographic below.

 Click the infographic to find out more


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