ViPR 2.1 – Creating a Fibre Channel Network

 ViPR-logoViPR is a software abstraction that allows you to control multiple storage arrays from multiple vendors. ViPR acts as a control plane and abstracts the underlying array details into a common construct. For more information, or to try ViPR, go here
One of the cool things about ViPR is that you can bring in your fabirc switches (ViPR calls these fabric managers) and have ViPR perform all the zoning for you. You don’t HAVE to use a fabric manager, but you still need a way to setup a fibre channel network. Unfortunately, today, you cannot do this in the GUI and it has to be done using the ViPR CLI. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to provision storage to any of the underlying arrays using FC. I discovered this while trying to add an XtremIO array to ViPR and provision storage (new in ViPR 2.1). Here’s how you manually create a FC network using the ViPR CLI.


Manually Creating a FC Network with ViPR CLI

  • SSH to the public IP of the ViPR 2.1 controller and log in with the root username/password
  • cd into the /opt/storageos/cli/bin directory
  • Run the following commands:



Here’s what you should see after each step:





Create FC network and list networks



Delete FC network and list networks


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