VMware on AWS – Initial Availability

A few weeks ago at VMworld the VMware on AWS offering went into initial availability. From now until probably the end of the year customers are limited based on a number of factors, including use-case and size. Here’s what you need to know about the current release:

On-Demand (hourly): $8.36

1 Year Reserved: $51,987 or $5.93/hour*

3 Year Reserved: $109.366 or $4.16/hour*

*Coming soon

  • US West Region (Oregon)
  • One Availability Zone
  • Four host minimum
  • Single Host Size:
    • 2 CPUs / 36 Cores
    • 512 GiB RAM
    • 3.6TB Cache
    • 10.7 TB Raw Capacity
  • VPN
  • No DirectConnect (DX)
  • Cold migration only
  • EC2
  • S3

Any service should be accessible over the Elastic Network Interface (ENI) that connects the VMware on AWS VPC to your own AWS VPC, but not all services have been tested

Above are the highlights that were announced last week. For a more technical overview check out Frank Dennemen’s post here.

My Thoughts:

There has been some talk on Twitter lately that this is just a “money grab” by VMware or that lack of DirectConnect (DX) means this isn’t ready for the enterprise. I disagree with both. While DX might be a requirement for some enterprises due to an SLA or high traffic across that link(s), many enterprises will be just fine with VPN.

VMware is wading into this water carefully. This is why there is only one region, one AZ, and only vetted customers can get access. Why open this up to all customers and 16 regions without knowing where cracks are? Tesla is doing the same thing with their new Model 3 cars. They are producing a small number of cars and only letting employees and investors buy them in order to address the issues that are sure to come up.

At the end of the day, their customer base will decide if this offering is sustainable. It’s too early right now, even from a technical perspective to call it either way. Anyone that can call it is either misinformed or looking for clicks.

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