Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Enterprises can take any VMware based multi-VM application and run it on public cloud without making any changesWhat is Ravello on OCI?

Today Oracle announced general availability for Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI); formerly known as Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud service.

The premise of Ravello on OCI is to give you the ability to move your applications you currently have running in VMware and move them to OCI without making any changes to the application or the network. To many this will sound like a similar message as VMware on AWS, but the offerings are quite different. While both offerings allow you to run your applications hosted on VMware in the public cloud, here’s how they differ:

  • Ravello on OCI allows you to pay per VM like other public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, etc…) instead of a four host cluster
  • Ravello on OCI requires you to upload your VMs
  • There isn’t a seamless migration path back on-premises like there is with VMware on AWS
  • Agent-based monitoring tools can still be used
  • Agentless VMware monitoring tools cannot be used


The move to OCI Brings:

  • 4x Bigger VMs
    • 32vCPU
  • Run workloads across 23 regions globally
  • Enhanced Networking Services
    • VPN
    • FastConnect
    • Fast internal connectivity to Oracle IaaS and PaaS services
  • Availability groups
    • This allows for host anti-affinity groups, similar to VMware affinity/anti-affinity rules


Of course Ravello HVX is still the underlying technology that is powering this, but it’s now been adapted to run on OCI, which by extension of OCI you get a more feature rich offering. Here’s what HVX looks like:

If you want to know more check out the official announcement from Oracle. If you’re interested in taking Ravello on OCI out for a spin click here for a free trial.

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