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ValCo Labs was created as a way for us to share our projects with the community.  It is a place where Josh and I can post problems and solutions, along with other content we run across. We hope you find the information on our site both interesting and useful, and look forward to some educational (and entertaining) dialogue. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Josh,

    Great site.

    I’m currently studying for my VCP5 exam next month. I stumbled across your site last night and it was a revelation. The way you have broken the sections down is exactly what I have been doing on my MindMap.

    I have been creating Mindmaps for a while now and personally find them a really useful way to study. I was wondering if you would be willing to have your content added to the MindMap I have been working on?

    I’d give you and your colleague full credit for the contents.

    No offense if you do not like the idea for whatever reason. I just thought Id approach you about it.

    You’ve created a great resource and I will use it extensively through February!

    All the best, and congratulations on your recent exam.



    1. Hey Christian,

      Thanks for visiting the site. I definitely don’t have any issues if you’d like to utilize the content and I’m sure Jason Langer feels the same way. I checked out what you have so far in the VCP5 mindmap, looks good man. Give me a shout when it’s done, looks like something to check out! Let me know if you have questions about any of the material.


    2. disclosure, EMCer hereLike your vSphere 4.1 osrebvation re VPLEX is like some of the other comments in this thread With vSphere 4.x and VPLEX, the core question is one of what has been tested, by whom, and where VMware’s support begins and ends.Like NetApp Metrocluster, Lefthand, and other examples, there are plenty of EMC VPLEX happy, working customers in stretched configurations that aren’t running vSphere 5, but are on vSphere 4.1. Some of those customers use Host Affinity groups, some don’t.Like those cases, there are earlier VMware KB articles, and vendor provided (in this case the vendor is EMC) that describe how to use it, and failure conditions.Until vSphere 5, and the vMSC, VMware didn’t explicitly test (for themselves) the failure conditions that are associated with the stretched cluster use case. The HCL test harness for stretched storage configurations was the same as for a normal storage target. That means that if you follow the letter of the law , VMware doesn’t explicitly support vSphere 4.1 and VPLEX stretched cluster configurations, but they also don’t explicitly support ANY stretched cluster configurations. REMEMBER: that doesn’t mean doesn’t work , but the customer needs to understand that VMware will redirect to the storage vendor in certain circumstances.This is what Lee Dilworth @ VMware and I were talking about in BCO2479 at VMworld about hardening the stretched cluster use case . vSphere 5, and it’s changes to VM HA, changes to path failure handling, addition to the HCL (building the automated test harness was a TON of work, as an example, as the failure modes are a lot broader than a traditional non-stretched cluster) for this specific use case these are all the first steps of making this use case (stretched clusters) more mainstream (with more stuff to come, like surfacing sidedness for automated placement of VMs and more)Hope that helps!

  2. I am studing VMWare on my own. I need to setup a lab. Any recommendation for the computer/server? I have limited budget. Thanks

    1. Hey Saif,

      Not sure if Josh responded before I could get to this. First, thanks for visiting our site. You won’t regret getting into the virtualization space. As far as a lab machine, with the release of ESXi 5.x the hardware compatibility list seems to have relaxed. For instance, the Realtek networks card so common on consumer machines is now supported. You can be confident that most 64 bit PCs will work in your lab, but make sure to reference the CPU manufacturers website to confirm.

      Intel has a great website to confirm. Check this website to see if your processor supports Intel’s Virtualization Technology (VT-x).

      Also, Josh and I have some previous posts that have some sample platforms if you can find them.

      Josh’s lab expansion

      Some cheap systems I recently purchased. (Currently running ESXi 5.1)

      Good Luck!

  3. Hi Josh

    I cam across your blog today and wondered if you would like to enter our blog competition. If you would like further information on below then please email me at tomd@10zig.eu

    We have just released the world’s first WE8 Thin Client and so we are offering a great prize of a year’s FREE Microsoft 2012 Server, hosted in Node4’s Data Centre for the best blog, or video blog demonstrating why you would use 10ZiG’s WE8 5818v with Microsoft 2012 Server.

    We are giving away 30 day demo devices for both the Thin Client and the server to all bloggers who want to enter.

    Kind regards

  4. Josh and Martin –

    Great job on the website + content you guys put out there.

    Great stuff – keep it coming!

    Thanks –

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