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Josh Coen  – Cloud things, dabble in coding,VCDX 129. Working at Sirius as a Cloud Architect.



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  1. Hi JC,
    I am working on my VCP510. I got a copy of your guide at the local VMUG last year. I was wondering what your stance is on making changes to this guide. I love how the information is presented. However, I would like to update it for Blueprint v2.9 and add few additional details or expand on what you have said. Once it is complete, I may put it on my blog (assuming I ever get it started at the rate I am going). Please let me know your thoughts, either way.

    If by chance it is yes, is it possible to get a copy of the guide in a MS Word format? It would save me ton of time typing it all up :).

    Thanks for the guide.

    1. Post

      Hi Kuntal,

      I spoke with my co-author of the guide, Jason Langer, and we may be updating it ourselves. We also have several companies hosting this guide and as such, we can’t have someone else using the content in their own guide. Should we update it to the latest blueprint we’ll post it on our respective blogs.

      Thanks for reading, Kuntal.


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