Modify Historical Statistics Level using PowerCli

I was recently approached by one of my performance engineers about increasing the historical statistic level for our environment. Adjusting this level increases or decreases the amount of vCenter performance counters that are saved over time for each of the performance intervals. We were asked to increase our level in order to expose additional metrics to their monitoring application. While …

Query/Start vCenter Service – PowerShell Goodness

The following powershell script will allow you to QUERY and START the vCenter service for one or more servers. The script accepts multiple arguments, or an array “vcenter_servers” defined in the script. First, the script attempts to resolve/ping the vCenter server. If successfull, it performs a WMI call to determine the service status. Download here: vcenter_server_status.ps1 Enjoy! Martin

VMware View Linked Clone Pool Automation – Kelly J. Olivier @kjolivier

I work with several environments that are the same.  Actually, they are the same but different, with them all being direct copies of each other, but different domains, names, etc.  In an effort to automate lately, I have begun to experiment with powershell, PowerCLI, ViewCLI, etc.  I wanted to write a script that created an identical linked clone pool in …


Need to know which datastore your scratch partition is on?  Run this one-liner in PowerCLI to find out! $scratch = get-vmhostadvancedconfiguration -Name ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation | % { $_.values } ; $scratch = $scratch.substring(14,35); get-datastore | where { $_.uid -like “*$scratch*” } | select name (have not tested when scratch partition is located in-memory)