A Commitmas Miracle

A Commitmas Miracle
Ok, not really a miracle, but a fun way to learn something new or continue to build upon what you already know over the holiday break. Matt Brender (of Matt Brender fame) has come up with a great idea for the Christmas break; Commitmas. Commitmas is an event to get people in the community involed with Github. It doesn’t matt [...]

Adding Additional vCenter Instances t...

Adding Additional vCenter Instances to vRealize Automation
vRealize Automation (vRA), formerly vCloud Automation Center, has the ability to have multiple vCenters as endpoints. This is cool because if you need to do true multi-tenancy and a tenant has security requirements that require them to have their own vCenter instance. When you initially install vRA you installthe IaaS component, which in turn [...]

CloudPhysics – Getting Spooky W...

CloudPhysics – Getting Spooky With It
Halloween is upon us! As this scary(?) holiday filled with elaborate costumes, haunted houses and free candy approaches, our friends over at CloudPhysics are running a fun Halloween themed campaign open to everyone. Curious if you’re running software vulnerable to Heartbleed or Shellshock? Are you running software that’s [nearing] end of supp [...]

PernixData FVP and vCenter Operations...

PernixData FVP and vCenter Operations Integration
If you’ve been reading some of my previous posts you would probably have noticed that I’ve been writing a fair amount about vCenter Operations. There is a reason for this; it’s a very extensible product. There is a decent amount of third-party integration with vCenter Operations as well as a high amount of customization out of the box. I hate [...]

XtremIO Integration with vCenter Oper...

XtremIO Integration with vCenter Operations
As XtremIO becomes more popular with customers, there will be a need to integrate the statistics it provides into third party monitoring systems. XtremIO has a very simple UI to work with and it shows you a decent amount of statistics already in the UI, per volume; IOPs, latency, bandwidth, etc… EMC already has a vCenter Operations adapter fo [...]

Visualizing vscsiStats via CloudPhysi...

Visualizing vscsiStats via CloudPhysics
I was able to get a sneak peak at an unreleased feature from CloudPhysics last week and found out they are also showing it at their booth. The feature is called IO Workload Shapes and essentially it is the vscsiStats tool in a visual form. It is stunning (literally). I grabbed a few photos from my phone to show a glimpse. Eventually I’ll do a [...]

The New Cisco Virtual Switch Update M...

The New Cisco Virtual Switch Update Manager
Over the past few months I’ve had an opportunity to participate in a beta of Cisco’s new Virtual Switch Update Manager (VSUM). What is VSUM? VSUM is a free virtual appliance from Cisco that integrates into the vSphere Web Client. Once deployed, VSUM allows you to do the following (all from the web client): Deploy Nexus 1000v and Application [...]

Operationalizing vCenter Operations &...

Operationalizing vCenter Operations – Part 1
I’ve been doing a lot of work with vCenter Operations over the last few months. I spent a lot of time with custom dashboards, super metrics and custom widgets based on XML files and widget interactions. The environment I’m in has an operations team responsible for monitoring 15+ vCenter environments. Most of the time spent working on this pro [...]

Varrow Bound

Varrow Bound
Starting July 28th, 2014 I will be moving to Varrow as a principal cloud architect. I am currently working with my boss (the illustrious Chris Horn) on what that is, so please, don’t ask. Seriously though, I will be covering things associated with the following words: Secure Cyber Metadata Scalable Five 9s Resilient Agnostic Cloud Since I [...]

Programmatically Push Custom Data int...

Programmatically Push Custom Data into vCenter Operations
I’ve been doing a lot of customization with vCenter Operations Manager lately, mainly customized dashboards, and I wanted to explore ways of getting data into vCOps other than having to use a third party adapter (such as Hyperic) or make my own adapter. Enter the HTTP Post Adapter. The HTTP Post adapter comes with vCenter Operations (I [...]