The Inauguration of Cloud Field Day

I’m excited (and honored) to have been invited to participate in the very first Cloud Field Day, referred to as CFD1 for the remainder of the post, taking place September 14th-15th. If you’re familiar with other * Field Days then you know the format, if not, check out the Tech Field Day site. This will be my first appearence at any field day event, I expect a high level of snark, a ton of new information, and a low-to-medium level of hazing; hoping for low.

The Delegates

There are a total of 13 delegates at CFD1, including myself, coming from all parts of the globe. The list includes Tech Field Day alums such as Nigel “let’s get crackin’ with Docker” Poulton and Justin “JP” Warren. A full list of delegates is at the aforementioned CFD1 webiste. This is definitely a lively crew of people so it should be very dynamic, and fun.

The Presenters

Five companies are presenting at CFD1 and are broken up into a data day and a cloud day.

    Data Day:




    Cloud Day:



I’m familiar with a few of these companies and their products, but CFD1 is going to be me a great opportuniy to learn even more, and hopefully, give you all the chance to learn as well.

The CFD1 presentations are streamed live and will be available on the Tech Field Day website afterwards. If you’re watching the live stream and have a question for one of the presenters, go ahead a tweet the question with the hashtag #CFD1, and me, or one of the other delegates will see it and gladly ask the question. I don’t plan on pitching softballs; bring the hard questions.


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